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Author: Fuad

Memory is very important. It helps you remember whoyou are, where you live, what you have learnt and what you plan to do in thefuture. A good memory can help you succeed in school, in your job and in yourdaily life.

So, how can weimprove our memory?


Firstly, it isimportant to exercise your brain. For example, we can do new things and changeour daily habits. You can try learning a foreign language, playing a new kindof instrument or playing a new kind of sports. These can help you keep yourbrin active.


Secondly, it isimportant for us to live a healthy life. We must have a balanced diet. Eatingsome good food can help you improve our memory. Do not sleep too late. We musthave enough sleep every night.


Thirdly, it isimportant to stay relaxed. Do not get too worried. We can often listen tomusic. Always keep our memory sharp. We must give our brain enough time torelax.


In addition, we can make a list of things we have to do. Doing things regularly can helpimprove our memory.

So, to improve ourmemory, we should follow the advice. Then you can find your memory works betterthan before.


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