Teachers Development
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This semester, a special expert, Ms. Tian Xiaoqun, is invited to observe and guide Junior School English teachers’ teaching in Huamei School. Ms. Tian, the former English teaching and researching staff of Tianhe District, has got plenty of experience in Junior English teaching. Therefore, teachers consider Ms. Tian’s lectures as an opportunity which they can gain much knowledge from.


Ms.Tian has come to our school four times this term. Each time, teachers who gavethe open classes prepared the lessons quite earnestly in advance. Afterobserving the classes, Ms. Tian offered the teachers several precioussuggestions which could inspire us to develop a pattern for reading, grammarand review lessons. Nowadays, all the English teachers in Junior High School sparedno efforts to look for an appropriate method to carry out the contentsrequired. Without doubt, Ms. Tian’s guidance resembles light which shines uponus. 


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