How to write a Grade 6 sentence
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Everydaypeople need to write complicated articles and essays in order to do business, tellthe news or finish school work. If we want to do a good job,we need to write good sentences. In this essay, we will talkabout writing Grade 6 sentence.

First,we need to know how to write a Grade 6 sentence, what doesthis sentence need?Let me tell you, a Grade 6sentence has a : time-word, adjective, subject explanatory phrase,adverb,verb,object.

Maybeit's a little hard, here is an example: Today,a beautiful andclean car,which is behind thetraffic light,quickly drove in front ofme.  This is the Grade 6 sentence.

AGrade 6 sentence also needs some Grade 6 words, such as unbelievable, robotic, sneaky,terrified, carefully, romantic……use the Grade 6 words to make sentence,it can be also a Grade 6 sentence. If you want to write aGrade 6 sentence,try to make sure you canuse past tense and future tense.

Usethe Grade 6 sentence in your essay,it can makeyour essay or story get a good score. So let us learn more Grade 6 sentences.

[Teacher’s words]: You did a good job inthe essay. First, it was organized well and expanded perfectly. It’s clever ofyou to use a topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph. It can catch thereaders’ attention. Then,you were quite awear of making meaningful andbeautiful sentences. Last but not least,you gave some examples that could makereaders understand you well. I’m expecting greater progress from you inwriting. Come on!

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