We Explore Senses, Inventions and Life Cycle
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Author: Ferushca Rania

Juniorgroup explored the central idea - senses affect people’s life andlearning style. Theyhas really enjoyed the IB theme and learnt so much about the 5 sense. Students were in blind folds and they wereasked to find objects of a specific colour. They also took part in a smallobstacle course in the class. Get students to navigate it whilst blindfolded.They not only experienced the sense of sight, but also explored sense of sound,smell and taste. Students had to listen to the animal sounds and circle thecorrect animal. They went on a walk outside to experience different smells –the smells of grass, bark, concrete, flowers. Later students came back to theclassroom and smelled burnt matchstick, chocolate, some cheese, soap and durianblind folded. Students also need to say if a smell is “good” or “bad”. The mostexciting part is Blind Taste Test – students tasted sweet, sour, spicy, saltyand bitter foods.

Medium students discovered scientificphenomena and experienced making some products. Students found theconcept of Gravity a bit difficult, but they enjoyed the activities of jumpingand throwing items, they were engaged in deciding and theorizing what itemswould fall faster and which one slower. While doing parachutes, they were veryengaged and had high English production, some of the explanation was toodifficult, but overall a very good experience and lesson for the learners.

Senior students learned about the HumanLife Cycle.  Pregnancy, baby, childhood,teenager, adult, older person and pass away. Students also has to complete theHuman Life Cycle worksheet. Students really enjoyed this activity and asked alot of questions, such as “What happens when someone dies?” and “How did Icome?”.

We wish all thestudents, their parents and teachers have a wonderful time celebrating

Merry Christmas


Happy Holiday 

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