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Dear Mr. Green,

I am Li Hua, a Chinese student of this school. I wish I could set up a Chinese literature club.

This club is not only intended for me, but also other students. In order to make students know more about Chinesecultures, I also want to borrow a room for the club. We can decorate it beforethe Chinese festivals are coming. The main activity in the club is sharing what you read or think after reading a Chinese book. By discussing, students willsurely enrich their knowledge. We will also recommend some good books to the club’s members. Some students like reading alone. Others like reading in agroup. What’s more, students will also learn about the history of Chineseliterature.

I will be grateful if you could accept my application. Thanks for reading aboutmy opinion. Looking forward to your answer and reply.



Li Hua

By Zhang Zhihang — Class1,SIII

Comments:This boy can catch the main spirits of the task and express the key points of the writing assignment fluently, using some advanced words and structures. For a senior III students who will take the College Entrance Examination, it is good to do so.——Peter Zhou Zhikun )

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