Chinese festivals Differs From the WesternFestivals
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Chinese festivals Differs From the WesternFestivals

                   Peter Zhou Zhikun

Everybody knows that festival is defined as a special occasion on whichpeople may give thanks for a harvest, commemorate an honored person or event,pay respect to the dead, or celebrate a culture. Festival, as a culturalphenomenon, comes into being during the course of human development andhistorical evolution. This unique cultural phenomenon embodies human cognitionand attention to the natural environments and peripheral surroundings. As weknow, a diverse multitude of festivals are enjoyed worldwide. Although thedifferent regions, nations, religions and cultures bring about multifariousfestivals, and the means of celebration vary from one place to another, most ofpeople bear common feelings for the festivals, that is praying for happinessand health, fulfilling the good will, and showing the love of life.

The mostimportant holiday in Chinais Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year. The date for thisannual celebration are determined by the lunar calendar, so the timing of theholiday (the 1st day of a lunar year) varies from late January to earlyFebruary.

The festivalactually begins on the eve of the lunar New Year's Day and ends on the fifth dayof the first month of the lunar calendar, which is called the Lantern FestivalPreparations for the New Year 

Just as theWest has Halloween for ghosts and ghouls, so also does Chinese have a holidayto fete the departed spirits of the underworld-The Ghost Festival. Ghosts roamthe world every year for a lunar month, it is said. In some areas of China, visitorscan see small roadside fires, where believers burn paper money and otherofferings to appease the restless spirits, who have temporarily been releasedfrom Hades. 

Nowadays, Chinesebecome so keen on the western festival such as Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. Peoplearound celebrate Christmas probably because they want more festivals.

Festivalshould not only be a day that we get together and enjoy ourselves, but more aday that is full of meanings.

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