The beauty of my life
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The beauty of my life

I was thinking about where I could find beauty when I stepped into 2019.It waswhat I was still thinking.

When I walked in the field, I saw the grass sprouted, it was green and comfortable.Was that the beauty of my life?

I saw a nest on the tree with two babybirds in it and heard the mother bird singing, she was so happy. Is that thebeauty of my life?

When I went to the swimming pool with my Mum,I saw a lot of children who practised swimming hard. And I try my best to swimacross the pool several times. Were they the beauty of my life?

Maybe yes. But they were not what I was looking for.

Until one day, I was told that I would join a competition. At thatmoment, suddenly something flashed in my mind. I have learnt so much with myparents and every teacher’s selfless help. I have got so much enjoyment with myclassmates’ friendly relationship. So no matter what kinds of problems I meet.I won’t feel bad. I know it is the most important and beautiful time in mylife.

 I could never forget every faces thatappeared in my life, my teachers, my classmates and those who helped me or Ihelped in my life, even the flowers, the trees, the grass, the buildings inHuamei School. They are the most beautiful, aren’t they? Yes, now I really findthe beauty of my life.  The wonderfulthings are happening everywhere.

[teacher’swords: In this article she wrote about how she found the beauty in her eyes.The world is is full of beauty everywhere. And this is a beautiful article withperfect English as a sixth grade students.]

 五年6班  王紫嫣


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