Huamei——My new origin
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Huamei——My new origin


At the firstsight of Huamei School, I was charmed by her external beauty, and after workingand living here for two months, I was deeply attracted by her warmth. Everymorning, I can’t help feeling comfortable when those vigorous students came upto me, as if I could forget all the annoyances. Now, at the end of myinternship, some experiences of working here come to mind.

On September 4th,the first time I came to Class 6 Grade 4, the children looked at me innocently,I can’t remember who was the first to ask the question, “ Wow, a new teacher! Arewe going to have two English teachers?” Some lively children stared at my workcard, then quickly another puzzle came——Intern? What's anintern? So I told them I came here to learn how to be a teacher.

The internship canbe generally divided into two stages: Prophase (listen to some public classes,and participate in some research activities, collective classes.) and Anaphase(prepare for lessons, have class, and make summary and reflection). In thesetwo months, I have learned the advantages of different English teachers here,and I have also come into contact with some new knowledge that I can’t learnfrom books, such as some interesting classroom instructions and reward mechanism.              Because the teachers here arevery nice, I felt like I have blended in this big family very quickly, andsometimes I even had the illusion that I had been working here for years.

I am greatlyencouraged by the dedicated attitude of the teachers here. Mutual study must beone of the way to improve themselves for Huamei teachers. I can't help but feelmore confident to be closer to those excellent seniors and become a betterEnglish teacher.

All in all, Ienjoy the internship in Huamei. I appreciate my choice to come to Huamei. Becauseof Huamei, I become a better teacher, maybe an excellent teacher in the future!

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