A wonderful visit in Bayreuth
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A wonderful visit
 in Bayreuth


A ten-student group from Guangzhou Huamei International School paid a wonderful visit to Graf-Münster-School (GMG) in Germany in October, 2019.

Through the visit, students got to know Bayern’ school system and German culture. They were enthusiastic about the new Bayreuth youth hotel. Furthermore, they enjoyed the time in German homestay in which they knew a lot about the life of German family. After the group had paid a visit to the roof terrace in the city hall, Mayor Brigitte Merk-Erbe welcomed them. Afterwards, the group of students visited the historic city center  guided by Markgräfin Wilheimine.


It was the second time that the students from Huamei International School visited Bayreuth and in 2017, a group of GMG students also visited Guangzhou Huamei International School. This year, Huamei students schedule in Germany was organized by the teachers Petra Bauer and Thomas Bauske. Chinese students not only studied at GMG but  also had trips to the Fichtelgebirge, Franconian Switzerland, Nuremberg, "Little Berlin" Mödlareuth and Weimar.


This Text is from “ Guangzhou meets GMG in Bayreuther Sonntagszeitung

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