What a Sporty Day!
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The Sport Day was held successfully on 23rd October. It was lucky that the nice weather lasted for the entire day. Therefore, everybody enjoyed their time.

In the morning, before the races began, different club members were busily prepared for the sports meeting. All of them were responsible and diligent.

The races soon began smoothly. The sun shone down upon the athletes. Sweet dropped down from their head to their arms, but none of them minded. They just tried their best and rushed forward to the end. With the first contestant crossing the finishing line, all the audiences cheered and screaming for the winner. The playground was full of excitement and energy.

At the other side of the playground, some competitors were waiting for the high jump. During the contest, a few contestants fell down and got hurt, but they never gave up and kept trying in order to get a higher score. Although they may not win the game, their persistence inspired the people present.

Time flew. The Sport Day ended rapidly. Although it was such a hot day, it provided us with a lot of happiness.

 初三5班 王艺璇&邹霈霖

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