The Sports Day
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The Sports Meeting of Huamei International School was held during 10.22 to 10.24 this year. On the morning of the first day, the opening ceremony preluded the Sports Meeting. More than 5000 people gathered at the playground of Huamei School to celebrate this stirring moment. At 9:30, the curtain of the opening ceremony was drawn. Students, teachers and parents marched towards the reviewing stand in different but orderly teams. People in various colors embellished the playground and it was filled with applause and acclamation.


Around 10 oclock, the teams of Secondary Section entered the playground. The students from Junior School strode forward at first. In front of the reviewing stand, some students danced to the music, some shouted out their extraordinary slogans and some even performed Chinese Kung Fu. Among all the teams, what impressed me most is the parades from the twelfth grade and ninth grade though they did not have special performances. However, their cheerful spirits inspired all the people present.  Senior High School Entrance Examination and College Entrance Examination were approaching. And it is believed that the students from the twelfth grade and ninth grade will make a clean sweep in this battle without smoke of gunpowder. The colourful balloons flying high up in the sky represented everyones best wishes.  


Hope that every student will achieve satisfactory results in this sports meeting

Li Zhixing

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