How I learn English
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How I learn English


   In the past few years, English is the subject I have been proud of. However, I didn’t receive my pride for free. As an old saying goes, “No pains, no gains.” Actually, I’ve done a lot of efforts in order to improve my skills. Here, I’d like to share some of my experiences which I think may be efficient for some schoolmates having difficulty in learning English.

   First thing first, I genuinely love to listen to English songs in my spare time. I feel like watching the lyrics while listening to it for the first few times. After being familiar with the lyrics, I’ll try to follow the songs without looking at them. I consider it a challenge to my listening skills in both English and music. Believe it or not, it can enhance your abilities of listening and speaking rapidly.

   Moreover, mastering a large amount of vocabulary can also offer you great help. According to the research, it is reading books that can provide us with a shortcut in expanding our vocabulary. Since there are diverse kinds of books home and abroad, choosing the appropriate ones seems to play a vital part in reading. As for me, I am willing to read fiction novels because it contains not only exciting plots but also a bunch of high-level words. I am able to obtain many strange words just by skimming the introduction. It’s also necessary to take a rest after reading a chapter so that you’ll have enough time to digest the words you’ve just learnt.

   Equally important, it’s better for us to make full use of even a single second during class to keep pace with the teacher. What the teacher talks in the class must be pay attention to. If you keep being unaware of what you learn in English class, you are sure to miss some key points. Then, there is no doubt that you can’t make any progress in learning English.

   In sum, studying language requires long-term efforts. We should be patient and always maintain a positive attitude. Please take action now. If you don’t give it a hit, you may never discover your potential in learning English.


点评: As one of the top students in English, Wang Shaoyu is a student who has his own ways to learn English. What’s more important, he can keep it up for such a long time, from primary to now. So being patient, perseverant and persistent, he’s achieved a lot in learning English and set a good example to all the other students.


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