What a Great Month
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What a Great Month

by Chantelle Dreyer

What a great month we have had at Huamei Kindergarten. Kicking off with China’s 70th birthday. The kindergarten celebrated by dressing up in traditional clothing and having a fashion show in the kindergarten. This was followed by a parade around the school to show off everyone’s beautiful costumes. Each class did various forms of artwork like painting, colouring and drawing the national flag to decorate the kindergarten.

We also celebrated Autumn festival this month. With activities like bobbing for apples and looking for candy it sure was a fun-filled day. Teachers played songs and students listened to a variety of stories about Autumn festival in their classrooms.

The various Interest Groups started at the school as well. From cooking, painting and craft classes to outdoor games and yoga. There sure is something exciting for everyone. The children love going to interest group with their friends and learning about new things every week.

On the 30th and 31st we had a big IB evaluation day. IB evaluators from different schools came to visit our kindergarten. This means two full days of amazing IB activities and outdoor play which was observed by the evaluators.

The line of inquiry for junior groups was communicating through play. The junior classes have learned about different games and how they can express themselves through play. They enjoyed playing games like hide and seek as well as little fishes where are you? This is a very fun unit to start off with for the juniors to help them build confidence and learn to get along with their classmates.

Medium classes were focusing on the various ways of telling a story. Learners really enjoyed the story of the three little pigs. They enjoyed the various roles and having to adapt their voices and body movement depending on the character they portrayed. The very hungry caterpillar is also a favourite among the kindergarten students. The loved acting out the story and turning into beautiful butterflies in the end.

Seniors were having loads of fun learning about different signs and symbols. In this unit we focused on the different meanings of signs and where we can find them. The students enjoyed the outdoor activity where they walked around the school with clipboards looking for different signs and drawing them on their worksheets.  

The start of Sports Week had the kindergarten taking part in a school wide parade with hot-air balloons, drums, dancing, costumes and much more. It was an amazing day and some performances filled the students and teachers with awe. It was a great day to be part of the amazing Huamei school group.

With such an amazing past two months at the kindergarten, we are very excited to see what the next one holds in store!

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