Grade 2’s Great Progress in English Classes
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Grade 2’s Great Progress in English Classes

Patty from primary(刘玲令)


Under the teaching guidance of Professor Qiu Yaode, the second grade students in Huamei have made great progress. After a year of English learning, they improved their sense of English and ability to obtain English information. Moreover, their ability to memorize English and to express in English has also enhanced. Every day in the English classes, they happily receive kinds of stimulation from their eyes, ears, mouth and limbs. In addition, they insist on practising oral English in the first three minutes of each class. As they become more motivated, their learning is getting better and better, especially their ability to listen and speak is improving day by day. The use of role-playing, visual aids as well as the online resources have created a good environment for listening, speaking, reading and singing, stimulating their expressed interest and motivating their enthusiasm for learning.


Look! Miss Zhu's teaching is natural and passionate, with her rich body language, vivid and cheerful image which is full of affinity and appeal that makes the children enthusiastic. They cooperated with the teacher to carry out activities in an orderly manner and actively raised their hands to answer questions. Whats more, they freely express themselves, fluently sing songs and perform happily, which make the classroom atmosphere pleasing and vivid.



Here! Miss Xie's classroom management skills are strong enough to adjust the children's learning status in a timely manner. The children are full of energy and have been able to maintain good attention. In the Presentation session, the teacher uses the former lessons and the photos of the students’ own teachers to introduce new knowledge. This kind of introduction is close to the children's life and can actually bring them into the real context, making the new words and sentence patterns more authentic. At the same time, using the familiar characters of the students not only enhances their understanding of sentence patterns, but also combines group evaluations with personal evaluations. Children are willing to try and learn in happiness.

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