New Semester Begins
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 Semester Begins

Wendy Gomez

The new school year has begun! And with it we have a new remodeled kindergarten, the new facilities are wonderful and engaging, the slide down from the second floor has been an inviting sight for all the little ones and teachers alike. The construction was successful, but it left quite a mess, if you had walked in just one week before welcoming all the students back, you would not believe it possible to clean up within the time frame. But thanks to the amazing and dedicated hard work done by the Huamei staff and all the lovely teachers, all the students began the year with the facilities looking flawless and ready for their learning and exploration.

 In this first month there has been many smiles, tears, laughter, hugs, and breakdowns. All expected for such a big milestone in our new students’ life. But in just one month we have seen great progress in our new junior classes. The little ones have worked hard adjusting and transforming themselves into model students and most importantly as a member of the Huamei family. Moreover, we have received new students in all levels: Mediums, Seniors and Connections as well; these new students have been a great addition to the Huamei family and have allowed all our seasoned students to demonstrate their Caring, Open-minded, and Communicator profiles.

To welcome all the new students, we held a ceremony where we all happily yelled hello as they had a chance to walk down the kindergarten red carpet. This was also a big moment in all our new students’ life in Huamei. It was the first time they got to wear the uniform with all their classmates. The whole kindergarten participated and we all had a fun time.

Along with the new facilities and welcoming all the new students; safety has always been a priority in our kindergarten, therefore, the school security guards visited our kindergarten and taught us about their job and what they do to keep us safe and our teachers taught us what we can do in unsafe situations in order to stay safe. We have also conducted our first fire drill making sure our new students and old students alike know what to do in case of an emergency and are aware where to meet-up again with their classmates and teachers.

This new year has begun strong and well, and we hope to continue seeing happy faces, that are eager to learn and explore safely. And us teachers promise to continue our mission, providing the best environment and learning possible.

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