Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you
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                                                                                                                                           By Li Zepeng (Senior 3)

As the old saying goes, "Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you". As far as I’m concerned, I can’t agree more with this view.
    Ever since we were just born, many things around us are just like the nutrition we get from food are influencing our growth. But as we grow up, we also realize that, although the family background, the school education, the friends, and the social environment we experience may make a great difference, we can really choose what we want to be just as we choose the food we want. We can choose to be sweet to our families by saying nice words to them. We can choose optimistic friends we'd like to be with. We can also choose to study hard despite the difficulties we have to overcome. In this sense, those who blame others are actually choosing to find excuses for their own failure. They don’t know that choosing to blame makes it even more difficult for them to succeed. What they need to know is that only when they have chosen to develop their personal qualities by building up their positive attitudes and strengthening their determination can they find it more likely to achieve their dream.


Zhang Haidi has actually set us a good example. She was born into a common family. Less fortunate than most of us, she was disabled when she was 5 years old and had to sit in a wheelchair to move around. In many people’s eyes, she would never achieve anything. However, she determined to make her own living and be a useful person. Not only did she teach herself from elementary to high school, but also managed to be a famous writer and translator. In addition, she has helped lots of local people with her medical knowledge and skills.


Since people with disabilities could make efforts to be the master of their own life, so can you, so can I, and so can all of us. But do remember, “No road of flowers lead to glory”. Whatever you choose to be, there are always barriers on the way to challenge you. This time again, it’s up to you to determine whether to persevere or to quit.  Only those who have overcome a wealth of difficulties will be favored by good opportunities and accomplish their goals.


Therefore, dear schoolmates, from this moment on, pull yourself together and strive to forge your courage, your determination, and your perseverance. Then I’m sure you will hold your future in your own hands.



Her Writing shows originality and has detailed description. Besides, the title identifies its purpose and it’s well organized into steps. (指导老师:夏喜安)

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