My dream job
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  六(4)班 梁俊添                     指导老师:杨婷

My dream job is a scientist. Because scientists make people’ s lives easier. So I want to be a scientist.

If I become a scientist, I am going to invent a filter .This is a magical filter that filters exhaust gas into oxygen or filters waste water into pure water. Then I will manufacture a lot of these filters and sell those filters to the factories. Therefore we can have more clean water and oxygen than before. We can also filter toxic liquids. Then our environment will become better than before.

I also want to invent a flying car. This car uses solar energy. It can run for a thousand miles, fly to thousands feet high and travel on land and in the water. It is environmentally friendly and saves time. It can be used for more than ten years. Its body is made of special materials to withstand 50 degrees of high temperature and minus 30 degrees of low temperature. If this kind of car is popular, then everyone can travel by this car and we don’t need to give so much money to the travel agency. What’s more, I also want to invent flight platform to help the traffic police control the air traffic.

I want to invent an animal language translator too. If we have an animal language translator, we can talk with our pet, make friends with wild animal, help the stray dogs and stray cats find their owners... and do something about animals.

In order to become a scientist and invent the magical filter, the flying car, the flight platform and the animal language translator. I need to know the relevant knowledge and study hard. Then I can fulfill my dreams and benefit mankind.  


评语This passage is well organized. All the points have been covered. It’s clever of him to use a topic sentence at the beginning of paragraph.  Good job, Tony!

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