Tips for Junior One Students
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Dear all,

Firstly, congratulations on becoming a new member of Huamei Junior Middle School and beginning a new stage in your life.

The middle school stage is a key period for a person. In middle school, you will know better about yourself and establish your ideals. From the day you enter Huamei Junior Middle School, you are no longer a child. You are expected to bbecome a young person with a strong sense of discipline and responsibility. As a middle school teacher, I have several key words to share with you.

The first word Id like to share is learning autonomy. Learning in middle school is different from that in primary school,with more subjects included in curriculum and more deepened knowledge. Therefore, A more proper learning attitude and a more delicate study plan are needed. You will benefit a lot from more autonomous and conscious learning style. The second word is cooperation. you should learn to cooperate and share good learning methods with your classmates. The third word is responsibility. You must obey school rules and have a stronger awareness of disciplines. You should be more responsible for yourself and for your class.

Boys and girls, if we can practice these keywords from now on, your middle school life will be very enjoyable and fruitful. It will also become one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

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