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By Thomas Doyle

What is STREAMS, STREAMS stands for Science education which does not stand by its self but it is involved with all other aspects of student learning. When I am teaching the students the concepts of Science I am involving Technology, Reading, English, Arts and Math to be used in the lesson as well.

The major purpose is to focus on using English as a basis to learn new vocabulary about the various topics which we have covered in class. In STREAMS we have covered topics including building which looks at Math related words including square, circle, triangle and rectangle to cube, sphere, pyramid and other geometric shapes and apply them to building projects. We have also look at the human body and learning the different body parts from head to toe and all the major body parts which we have.

Other topics which have been covered include learning about various animals and plants, covering what are necessary for plants to grow and the relationship that animals have. We have looked specifically looked at insects and learned the different names of many types of insects and what makes them different from other animals.

The overall aspect of STREAMS is to have the students use these words and be able to use them in doing activities, several of which you will be able to see in the pictures that go with this introduction. The goal in the following years is to improve the students’ use of English and apply it to all aspect of science where they will be able to do independent projects on various scientific ideas and be able to increase their knowledge of English as they improve their overall knowledge.


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