It was a Busy and Joyful Month
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It was a Busy and Joyful Month

---------- Steven Howard Hyman


The semester is drawing to a close and it has been a busy last couple of months for the children and the teachers.


The beginning of this month was Children’s Day and the school held a Science Fair in the morning. Stalls were set up outside and the children were able to make kaleidescopes, experiment with paint, explore motion through the use of building blocks and make giant bubbles, amongst many other fun activities and experiments that they could participate in.


Inside the school the Junior classes held a summer fashion show, whilst the Medium classes held an Environmental Protection Fashion Show. All the children looked splendid showing off their costumes on the catwalk.


All the children then stripped down for a giant water fight and there was a lot of fun and smiling faces that lasted throughout the day. Those smiles were made bigger when all of them received a science-based gift at the end of the day to take home with them.


The week after Children’s Day also saw some teachers, children and parents from medium classes took a mobile wardrobe over to the nearby apartment and park and offered donated second-hand clothes to families who live around there.


Last month also saw Dragon Boat Festival and to get a taste for the celebrations, the children made Zongzi and got to eat them afterwards.


Lastly, the Medium and Senior classes have completed their end of year tests and have done extremely well. The school is proud of all of the children for their hard work this year. All that’s left now is for the Seniors to finalise their Graduation Day performances in preparation for saying goodbye to Huamei, and we all wish them luck as they enter primary school.

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