A Qualified teacher in students’ mind
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A Qualified teacher in students’ mind


Such question as “What makes a qualified teacher?” is often discussed among teachers and students. Different students have different opinions, but I think the following would be generally accepted. 

A qualified teacher should love the cause of education. Only when he loves it is he willing to devote himself to his teaching work. 

A qualified teacher should be patient and full of understanding. Whenever we have problems with study and life, he can always help us patiently rather than ignore our problems. Only a teacher like this can develop a good relationship with his students, which makes us fall in love with his classes. 

A qualified teacher should be fair. He should have the same rules for every student. He won't give favoured treatment to the top students or discriminate against the so-called " bad students". Otherwise, the conflicts between student and teacher arise easily, which is bad for teaching and studying.

A qualified teacher should have a sense of humour. That is part of the technique of teaching. For example, when the class is in a lifeless atmosphere, he uses humorous words to stimulate the students' interest in his class. I dare say for sure that all the students love a teacher of charm and wit. 

A qualified teacher should be someone who always wants to go on learning. The reasons are as follows: first, a teacher should have "a full bucket of water" if he wants to give his students "half a bucket"; second, knowledge is always updating. If a teacher stops learning, he won't keep up with times; third, teaching is a job at which one will never be perfect. There is always something new to learn about. As a saying goes, it's never too late to learn. 

In a word, a qualified teacher should be able to play different roles at school. He can care about us as if his children. He can give us knowledge like a tutor. He can play games and discuss problems with us like a friend. And he can be eager to gain knowledge like a scholar. 

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