May IB recording class by Mr. Tyler Gale
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May IB recording class by Mr. Tyler Gale

---Noel David Meehan

This month in our kindergarten we had an IB live recording class lead by Tyler and co-teacher Christina with their Penguin (medium) class. The theme was to reenacted the story of “The Three Little Pigs”. This class was broadcasted live for parents and other members of the public to see in real time. It was a great hit and the class went down without a hitch.

 They opened their class with a song. Students were given a choice of songs and they voted for one called “Baby shark” and then they gave their students the option to either sit and dance on their chairs or stand and dance. Once the song had finished they started their Daily English (this is everyday English that the students can use inside or outside of the classroom). One student would pick a daily English question on their own to ask other students without the help of the teacher and then the class as a whole would go around and ask each other that question and then sit back down again. Then another student would repeat this until all the daily English questions were asked.

Before students acted out the story, Tyler reviewed the story with the help of a PPT and invited students to come up and repeat it in front of the class and then all students would follow this “little teacher”. When acting out the story, eight students came up to act as the little pigs or big bad wolfs. The other students that were watching the story became the narrators. This was a great way to keep all the students involved and interested in the story until it came to their turn.  

Once the class had ended all teachers joined together for a collective discussion and to give feedback on the class. We split into two groups to do collective planning were we blended together group ideas of how we could make this class even better and more stimulating for our students. Each group then presented these to all the teachers for an overall review once again.

This was a fantastic class, that was brilliantly executed by both the students and the teachers. The students loved every single minute of the class and they left the room with the biggest smiles on their faces. Congratulations to all the students from Penguin class, Christina and Tyler for an excellent class.

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