China in my heart
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China in my heart - with love and pride

                            ------An art project of AVI3M

The students of AVI3M developed an art work with complex composition, inspired by the 70 year anniversary celebration of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. This was the theme of the art contest, organized in April, by Guangzhou Tianhe District Education Bureau.


The art project, which I titled “China in my heart - with love and pride”, overlaid with the curriculum expectations in terms of: exploring cultural heritage, tradition, bringing awareness of national values and art history. The art work was executed in acrylic paint, where students demonstrated their improved sketching and painting skills.  Students were asked to research and select several great achievements or cultural symbols of identity from the past to modern days including all spectrums of life, such as art, music and architecture, technology, nature, and etc. Students studied the art work of the Chinese artist Huang Liu, and applied her style of layering of images in a composition and articulating visual messages. They recorded the entire creative art process; from research, sketch and painting, in eight minute video. Moreover, for a culmination task, students wrote a 700 hundred-words essay as an artist statement, in both Chinese and English languages.

About twenty students applied and submitted their work for the district contest, representing Huamei International School.


In my opinion this was a great experience for all students. I cannot be more proud and satisfied from the outcome, since the students developed 49 paintings with amazing quality. On behalf of my students and myself I invite all the HBIC community to come and visit the first HBIC Art Finale Exhibition, held by AVI3M and AVI4M art students in June, where all art work will be on display.





Ms. Snejana Blajeva

OCT  Visual Arts teacher at HBIC

National Academy of Arts in Bulgaria -B.F.A (Painting)


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