The Spring Festival
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The festival I like best is Chinese Spring Festival. The Spring Festival, which looks forward to the end of winter and the coming of spring, falls on the first day of the first lunar month. It usually lasts 7 days. Not only is it celebrated in China but also it is popular around the world.

This is an specials feast day, when people eat dumplings, fish and meat, as well as watch Spring Festival Gala with family members, and may give children lucky money in red paper.  Receiving lucky money in red paper is my favorite custom, for the reason that I can spend money on candies, books, and snacks. What’s more, there are dragon dances and carnivals and family celebrate the lunar New Year together.

In the Spring Festival, the fireworks will be prepared. The red envelopes will be filled. At the same time, hundreds of millions of people around the whole country are coming to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Nothing is more important than celebrating the Spring Festival with family members.


Comments:  Language is clear and varied. Additionally, the passage is full of good memories and happy times. After reading the passage, you may feel happy and sweet. (指导老师:马晓雯老师)

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