My dream
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My dream

                                          By David

Hello, everybody. I am Davud from Azerbaijan in Western Asia. I study in Class 2, Grade 7.

Everyone has their dreams when they grow up. There are many jobs you can do in your daily life, for example, you may be doctors, policemen, builders, dentists and so on. My dream is to be a dentist in the future.

The reason I want to be a dentist is that I want to help more people. I think its a good choice. I dont want their teeth hurt. We know when they have a toothache, they cant eat anything. They cant have a good rest. Many people suffer from the toothache. I hope they are far away from the bad illness. They will be healthy forever. I will use my full energy to help them, and also I will do my best to abate the pain when they suffer from the toothache.

If I want to be a dentist, I will have to study hard. I will learn more about medicine. Dont be scared of any difficulties ahead of you.

I think I can do it.

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