My Meaningful Life in Huamei
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My Meaningful Life in Huamei

Li Zhixing

My name is Li Zhixing, the English teacher and class teacher of Class 1, Junior 2. It has been nearly two years since I came to Huamei International School. Over these two years, I led a quite busy but meaningful life on this beautiful campus.

I had owned one year’s experience of being a class teacher before I took over Class 1, Junior 2. However, when I contacted the students and the parents at the first time, I still had butterflies in my stomach. I feared that not only my students wouldn’t behave well but also the parents wouldn’t trust me because of my lack of experience. But how lucky I am! I have met a group of lovely and warm students and parents here. Though we had truly gone through a hard time, at last we ended with harmonious relations. In this process, my colleagues helped me with my work as well. It was their passion towards their work and patience with their students that inspired me to be a wonderful class teacher.

Besides the friendly students, parents and colleagues, the person who has influenced me most in Huamei is Professor Qiu Yaode. I am lucky enough to have Professor Qiu as my supervisor in Huamei. I still remember that he has helped me revise my lesson plans cautiously and patiently. What’s more, his encouragement as well as his personal charisma prompts me to be a better teacher and even a better person.

I cannot tell how thankful I am to all of these. What I can do is to work harder and more happily in Huamei.


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