The Oral English Competition
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The Oral English Competition

The oral English competition, one of the most important activities at HuameiInternational English School, has come to its 25th term. It was heldsuccessfully in the lecture hall of middle school division on the morning ofApril 20th. Some school leaders, parents, teachers and students wereinvited to watch the contest.

This year, thiscompetition attracted more than 70 students from junior department and seniordepartment. These English fans have come to challenge themselves in thepreliminary before and 36 winners made it to the next round. Due to theprofessional guidance from the English teachers and their adequate preparation,all the contestants gave splendid performances with standard and fluent spokenEnglish to the parents, teachers and fellow students. After more than two hoursof fierce competition, ten students stood out from the contest and won thefirst prize. 

All thecompetitors’ excellent performances obtained waves of applause from theaudience, certainly including some parents. Hearing the students’ wonderfulspoken English, the parents couldn’t help filming their speeches and debates.After the contest, the parents all commented that the students’ spoken Englishmade a deep impression on them. One parent said with joy, “I’m happy to see thatmy son can speak English so fluently and confidently. Thanks to Huamei School.”


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