Your Future Depends on Many Things But Mostly on You
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Your futuredepends on many things but mostly on you

徐圣希 fromClass 5, Junior 2

First,let’s talk about a story. A long time ago, there was a big tree. In order totravel, it wanted to be taken by birds and animals. But it was refused becauseit has no wings to fly in the sky, and no legs to run on the ground. So thetree gave up that thought and did what he could. It produced sweet fruits forthe birds and animals. They the birds and animals took its seeds to the world.In this way, the tree travels to many places.

It issimilar to our life. If you want to achieve the brilliant career and embrace ahappy tomorrow, you must not only have your own dreams but also rely onyourself to make arduous efforts.

Theroad to a happy future is bound to be permeated with personal struggles. Struggleis the necessary way to achieve success and dreams. No one can achieve hisdreams once and for all, nor can rely on others. There is an old saying, “Ajourney of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” It means that a personmust depend on yourself to achieve great success.

Thereare many examples:

Luwei,an armless pianist does a great work only with her feet;

DengYaping, the queen of table tennis, is a brilliant and invincible woman becauseshe spared no efforts to practice table tennis.

Inconclusion, may you and I have the wisdom and courage to realize our owndreams.

(The first prizeof English speech contest)

Judge’s comments: your fluent spoken English andvivid performance really touched everyone present. I hope you can achieve yourown dreams in Huamei!


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