Delegations led by Vice- Governor visited Huamei School
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On October 17th, Mr. Huang Ningsheng, the Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, took a delegation composed of officials from government sectors of the province, Guangzhou city and Tianhe District to visit Huamei International School (HMIS). Mr. Chen Feng,  the General Principal of HMIS and other school administrators accompanied the delegation to introduce the school and assist the delegation conducting the on-site investigation and research into the field of private education.


Mr. Huang Ningsheng and his delegation visited different school divisions across the campus. During the visit, Principal Chen introduced the school history, current situation, features and basic experience of HMIS’s development. He showed his great appreciation for having received encouragement and support from the school district, the city, and provincial government and departments for many years. Governor Huang asked the situation of the school’s curriculum, faculties, students and tuition within the context of fulfilling the school mission “Integrating eastern and western educational ethos to cultivate Chinese modern elites”. When he found the school news on the bulletin board in 2017 two  students were admitted by Tsinghua University, 70% international high school graduates entered top 100 universities of the world, Mr. Huang highly praised the school for its quality, advantage and features of international education.


In addition, Mr. Huang highly recognized HMIS’s school positioning “A quality reputable school rooted in and with a Chinese foundation” , The school not only provides a pathway for students to study aboard, but also dedicates to bring in increasing number of foreign students to study in China, to respond to “Belt and Road” strategy. He commented the school in general, “impressive and very good”.


This investigation and research were done concerning certain policies in the filed of private education which will be issued by Guangdong government. Governor Huang Ningsheng also pointed out that  the message the delegation wanted to pass to the public is that Guangdong government will continue providing support, encouragement and assistance to private education, and the qualify private schools, like Huamei, should have confidence in successive development. Then, Governor Huang inquired about the difficulties that the school has been facing. Principal Chen and one of the school founders, Mr. Chen Jinlong reported that the school needs help from the Guangzhou government to sort out the volume ratio of science and technology building, the difficulties in land acquisition of constructing Guangzhou Huamei School for children with foreign passports, and some other problems concerning. Governor Huang Ningsheng replied positively and requested the deputy mayor of Guangzhou, Mr. Wang dong, directors from Guangdong and Guangzhou Administration of students’ enrolment status Education departments, to coordinate and solve the problems.


Guangzhou Huamei International School is one of the schools chosen to be researched this time, representing schools in private sector and outstanding schools featured by international education. General and division principals assisted the visit by answering questions and addressing concerns from the delegation relevant to their particular divisions.



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