How to make our children like learning
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Li Qi(李琪)From Primary School

You can lead the horse to the river, but you can’t make it drink. Children with little or no interest perform poorly in their English study.

The main instructional aims of learning English in primary school is to cultivate pupils’ basic abilities of listening,  speaking ,reading and writing as well as their good sense of the English language. First of all, we should create a happy and relaxed atmosphere for our students to study. Then we can adopt different ways to stimulate their interests. For example, cards, pictures, songs, games and so on are helpful for students to learn the words and sentence structures by heart. Finally, more opportunities should be provided for them to express their own opinions. Pair work and group work are good to develop the children’s team spirit.

In class, I often adopt “Task-based” teaching method. As far as I’m concerned, task is a meaningful activity in a realistic situation. Different kinds of tasks such as making a survey or interviewing your friends etc often appear in my class. With the help of the tasks, Students can have a better understanding of the key structure of the dialogue. Besides, I also design some other kinds of activities. For example: singing, discussing, playing game, having a competition and so on. All of these activities are able to help the students to use the target language to do things.

In my class I often introduce them some culture knowledge of English-speaking countries,because these are proved to be useful in bringing up students' integrative interest.

I think if you want to be an excellent English teacher, you should love the students and put your hearts and souls into the teaching career.


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