Being  Different
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Senior 3 Class 5  of HBIC    


Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about whether everybody should be different cause a heated debate. In my opinion, everyone can get benefits by doing lots of activities themselves.

It is clear that being different to other people is a good way to show ourselves. It can help the public to express themselves, and display their personalities. It means that being different is not a bad thing.

Moreover, in a certain situation, it also can help people to make some new friends. For example, more and more people are likely to have a friend which is stylish or different to others.

We should not say that there is no any bad effect. Sometimes, some differences make people become strange or weird, therefore, we need to be careful to do something ‘differently’.

Overall, being different can be beneficial to everybody. Meanwhile, we should not forget that there still have dark sides on it. If we could have a good understanding on being different, that can decrease the possibility to be too ‘different’.



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