Kindergarten Opening Ceremony
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    ------Mr. Tyler Gale

It was an exciting day for all of us in the kindergarten.  All of the classes gathered together in the courtyard to ring in the new school year.  The students were decked out in their new spiffy uniforms, looking spectacular. The teachers were also sporting their beautiful green polo shirts.  Everyone was looking fantastic.

The festivities started off with the raising of the flag on our brand new flag pole.  The flag blew patriotically in the wind as everybody gazed at it with love in their hearts as the national anthem rang out.

National Flag Rasing

Best Wishes from Lucia

Our MC’s for the day were Ruben and Emily from Antelope class.  Their excitement and enthusiasm shone through their voices and attire. They started by introducing our new family members in the kindergarten. Daisy, Elise, and Ruben are a welcome addition to the staff and we are all looking forward to working with them.  The foreign teachers then displayed a choreographed rendition of the famous Village People song YMCA.  The children cheered loudly and then joined in with the dance as the other staff clapped and cheered.

Welcome Our New Children

Welcome Our New Teachers

This was followed by introducing each class who walked the red carpet displaying their class crest proudly.  A student representative from each class spoke to the audience in English about what their class means to them.  

The ceremony came to a close with each class getting their pictures taken.  The children’s faces were painted with smiles and laughter as we all headed back to class to start our journey into the term ahead.  

We are all looking forward to a great first term in the kindergarten as the staff and students are all working diligently to make this one of the best years yet.   If you see us out and about on campus, please feel free to come and say hello!  We would love the opportunity to make more friends at Huamei!

Thanks for reading and from everyone at the kindergarten we all wish you a productive and exciting school year at Huamei!


Having Fun

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