A trip to Egypt
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My family and I went to Egypt to have a travel last summer holiday.

First, we went to Cairo Museum. It had lots of historical relic. It also had lots of mummy. We bought some pens and postcards as presents.

Next we went to a ship. It had a hotel on the ship. We stayed on it for three days. In the hotel, the food was delicious and the room was comfortable and clean. It could stop twice a day and you could get off to see the stone to take some pictures with Pharaoh. Our tour guide told us the storied.

After that we went to see the pyramids. There were nine pyramids there. I forgot the pyramids’ names. But the first one was very tall. The second one was shorter than the first one. The last one was the shortest. Near the pyramids, there was a statue of a lion. It had a person’s face and a lion’s body. It didn’t have nose.

Then we went to Red Sea. We stayed in a hotel which is on the beach. You could play volleyball, badminton, basketball and swim there. On the beach, you could ride a camel. You could also swim into the sea. There were so many things to do!

This is my trip to Egypt. I’m very happy! It was fun. Do you want to go to Egypt?

[Shirley(宋少凤): She shared her happy trip to Egypt in this article. She told us what she did and where she visited in Egypt. The most important thing is that she enjoyed the nature very much.]

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