Holiday Plan
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Holiday Plan

By Tan Nian from Class 6, Senior 2

Dear Bill,

Glad to write this letter to you. I have a request that you may like to help me. I have a survey about the UK and the Chinese student's holiday. So I want to tell something about Chinese student's summer holiday and hope you can tell me about your summer holiday.

From June to August, we will have 50-day-summer-holiday, because it is the hottest month in the year. During the summer holiday, some Chinese students always go to the cram school. The others will have fun with their classmates, like swimming, shopping and playing computer games with each other. Most of us with will finish our homework at the end of the summer holiday. Before the deadline we will do homework together.

This is our summer holiday. What about the British student's summer holiday?

Looking forward to your reply!

Li Hua



Fulfill the writing task well with clearly organized summer holiday plan and the requiring for the addresseeholiday activities.                  


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