INQUIRY: Providing Unlimited Possibilities for Children
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INQUIRY: Providing Unlimited Possibilities for Children

----------Open House Day

-------Tyler Alexander Gale

It was an exciting time for us in the kindergarten as we had our termly open house to allow parents and friends to see how we operate.

Local and foreign staff alike worked hard to make this even a success.  Our hats off to the Chinese teachers for staying late and putting in the extra effort to make our Kindergarten look amazing.  The art work and displays looked very beautiful.

Our staff organized educational games for the children to participate in.  The front of the school was full of laughter and smiles as the students ran from station to station trying out the new activities.  They were rewarded with stamps when they completed the activity.  When they filled up their stamp card they were rewarded with a prize.  This motivated the students and you could see them trying their best to get their cards full of stamps.

After each teacher had an open class for the parents to watch.  I must say that each class was well thought out and prepared.  The foreign and Chinese staff worked hard together to come up with a class that everyone would enjoy.  The entire kindergarten was filled with cheer as we displayed how we educate our young learners.  

This year was slightly different as we are working diligently towards obtaining our IB status for next semester.  Many parents were confused as to what IB activity is.  So each class was geared towards showing how an IB class was ran.  We are all working hard to incorporate the IB way in Huamei kindergarten.  

Thanks so much for reading the article.  If you are curious about our kindergarten, please drop by and say hi.  We are always happy to meet new friends!

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