Make your own Pizza
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 Ian Thomas Meldrum

Are you a fan of pizza? Do you like birthday parties? Well, as part of the party food unit, the medium classes linked their knowledge of food with our UOI theme of sharing the planet by using recycled materials to make their own pizzas for a pretend party. Reducing waste and saving the planet through recycling has been a major part of our second semester, so the students used recycledcardboard as the base (crust) for pizza, and then recycled construction paper as the toppings, which they cut up and glued on the cardboard. In groups of five, students were able to help each other and work together, practicing their colors and their food vocabulary.


When the pizzas were finished, all four medium classes put them on display and each student was given three stickers to vote for their favorite pizza(from the other classes). Students were able to practice the sentences, “I like this pizza,” and, “What pizza do you like?” The activity was a huge success as there was fantastic collaboration and team-building from all the classes. This activity was a very important step for the students because they really learned how to work together as a team and build a completed project. In the end, students were so happy to say, “We made a pizza!

teachers are cutting recycled cardboards

cooperate with each other

Make your own Pizza

given three stickers to vote for their favorite pizza 1

this is our pizza


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