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Thomas Edward Handscomb

One of the key components of the IB PYP programis the idea of reflection. It is one of the key learner attributes that the program focuses on that allows us to deliver a full and rounded education program to our students. Reflection is the process of looking back over yourwork or studies and see what you did well and what you could improve. It also allows students to reflect and look at each other’s work and share their ideas and creations with each other. This is particularly useful when working on an art project over an extended period that finishes with a completed piece as we did with the senior classes in March.

As part of a review of the ‘my school’ unit, we discussed the areas of the school which included the music room. We looked at the different instruments you find in the music room and then listened to the sounds they make. We listened to different types of music and chose our favourites. All of these activities gave us the chance to share rich vocabulary with the children. We discussed musical instruments, their shapes and colours.We discussed the different genres of music. We discussed preference and favourites. All of these topics were exciting and engaging for the children as they dealt with a universal human pleasure, music.

To reinforce the vocabulary we learned all the senior classes, myself, teacher Rose and teacher David showed the children how to make shakers and guitars using simple recycled household material. The shakers were simply old drinks bottles filled with rice and decorated and the guitars were painted shoe boxes with elastic bands wrapped around them. Activities like these a great because they teach the children so many skills and words through play. The kids think they’re playing with paint and boxes,when as teachers we know the children are working on their motor skills,working on their colour blending, working on their ability to plan and design and follow instructions.

The final and most important part of the activity was the reflection. For the reflection we put the classes together in the large music room. We watched a video of the children making the instruments, then we shared the instruments with other children, talking about what we made and showing off our work. Sharing is a great way to reflect and allows the children to show what they have made and learned in a supportive environment. Everyone involved from the teachers, to the students, to the parents who helped source materials had a great time and the activity was agreat success.

Watching video

We made our musical instruments

Our musical instruments

We got the awards

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