Easter Madness
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   Noel David Meeham


The start of a normal week for our children at the Kindergarten or so they believed.... When dawn broke on Monday morning of Easter week. Our students sat down to take their places within the classroom, expecting to play, learn, danceand have fun. Unaware that it was Easter week, children greeted us as we entered the classrooms and started our normal routine by asking all “how are you?” “How was your weekend?” Etc.



Within minutes you can tell by their faces that they know that this is not your average week. Something seems not quite right, but what could it be? With a little smile on the teacher’s face they start to reveal the truth of what this week has in store for them. Up pops a picture of a BIG BUNNY RABBIT holding a basket of colored eggs filled with unimaginable things inside, candy,chocolate, toys... Whatever the child’s imagination can think of. The screams of our older kids that know all to well that it’s that time of the year again for the Easter Bunny to come, which means games, fun, candy, and egg hunting.Like a choir they shout out together “the Easter Bunny” and madness falls upon the classroom. For our junior’s it’s not quite the same, there is more of an anticipation and wonder as to what is awaiting them this week. Mostly because many of them have never heard of the Easter Bunny.



The week kicks off with a feeling of electricity and excitement in the air as west art off by introducing the Easter Bunny and what he does. The Idea of a big cute Bunny bringing candy and chocolates to all the boys and girls just sends waves of excitement around the school. Children learn to be creative and bold when drawing and coloring their idea of their perfect Easter egg. Matching that with a mountain of Easter games for them to play and enjoy while learning everything they need to know about the Easter Bunny.



The day has finally arrived. The day that our students have being waiting for “Egg Hunting Day”. They’re ready and waiting to discover each and every egg that the Easter Bunny has hidden. No place is off limits, no place to high or low for our little egg hunters to search. The Easter Bunny is no match for us. Three, two, one and they’re off running wild with a look of determination on their faces as they search everywhere. Grouping together to strengthen their ability to find the most difficult of eggs. These master hunters finish the task in hand within minutes of starting. With adrenaline still running through their veins, they crack open their eggs to see what the Easter Bunny has left them.



The excitement of the week comes to a halt but we don’t say good bye to the Easter Bunny but that we await for your return. Better luck next year Easter Bunny athiding your eggs.


Two beautiful bunny MCs

B-U-N-N-Y song

Let's dance together

We are coloring Easter Eggs

We found the Easter Eggs

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