March Winds and April Showers bring May Flowers
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by Stephanie


Spring greetings from the kindergarten. There is a common expression in many English-speaking countries that describes the weather and nature during the spring season: March winds and April showers bring May flowers.  This phrase cannot be any more true because we have been experiencing a lot of wind and rain these days in Guangzhou.


However, the kindergartners still learn to have fun at school despite the rainy weather. When it is too wet to play outside, many of our students like to play indoor games like Lego blocks, modeling clay, drawing and coloring, and crafting arts and crafts.


In our interest group classes some students enjoyed making and eating banana and cream cheese frosting crackers. Other students crafted grey and brown mice out of paper while other students drew and colored a rainbow.  Rainbows are a magical example of why we should appreciate rain; if you are lucky, you may see one in the sky after an April Shower.


Spring is such a lovely time to appreciate the beautiful nature around us. The children love to pick up fallen flowers from the grounds and play with the snails that they find crawling around.  We are very happy that it is springtime here at Huamei and we cannot wait for our Easter Celebration.


 crafted grey and brown mice

we like cooking class


indoor activities


we are playing hopscotch





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