NewTerm, New Students
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                                                              Thomas Edward Handscomb

The new school term is an exciting time for everyone. Teachers are eager to get back to work, children are excited to start learning again and everyone wants to see their friends again. For some children though, the experience is very different. For some children, February 13th was their first day at Huamei and for some their first day of school all together. For some of the younger children being away from mom and dad for the first time is a difficult and scary thing. You are in a strange environment,with so many new unfamiliar faces (including faces like mine which try to talk to you in a strange new language) and a new routine which can be quite overwhelming for some. This is where the wonderful Huamei Kindergarten staff come in. At times like this, the loving and caring nature of the Huamei family shows the children this place will become their new home from home. The wonderful staff demonstrated to the new children that despite being away from their parents, they are still with a family who loves them

To celebrate the new arrivals, we had a special opening ceremony on Friday. All the children were in attendance to welcome our new special friends and to see some special guests. Firstly the English teachers lead by lead choreographer Teacher Ty did a wonderful dance to get everyone in a good mood. Then, the Chinese teachers did a safety demonstration to show what to do if your friend is hurt. Finally we introduced our special guests, the school security team. Our brave campus cops showed off their all their cool equipment. Shields, batons, helmets and fire extinguishers all had the children wide eyed with amazement. Even a slight mishap with the pepper spray couldn’t dampen the mood. Finally we said goodbye to the children at the end of their first week back. Unlike Monday when we had tears and tan trums, Friday was full of laughs, smiles and stories.

Happy Faces

Kids are coming back

Welcome to the new kids

Let's dance together

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