Finished but not ended
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Finished but not ended

---China and Germany Friendship School Students ExchangeProgram


Followed with all the teachers and studentshave landed in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport safely on January 24th ,2017,  the exchange program betweenGraft-munster Gymnasium(GMG), Germany and Guangzhou Huamei InternationalSchool(HMIS) has completely successfully. Our students not only had receivedwarm welcome from our friendship school, made friends with local students, butalso had the chance to travel around neighboring country of Germany (Austria,Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia), and explore and study the Europeanhistory and culture, expand their international perspective.



Even though Huamei students only stayed andvisited GMG for a short time, it has brought a wave of Chinese culture intoGMS,  faculties and students showed theirinterested in Chinese culture and would like to take chance to learn more oreven visit Hummei International School in the future. More than that,  the local authoritative media inGermany(Nordbayerischer Kurier) also has reported for this culture exchangeprogram, and say that it is a meaningfulness program. Sincerely appreciate thestudents of HMIS has displayed a positive side of Chinese youth, and thankHumei teachers for what they have done to students to educate and train them tobe not only a good students, but also a human. Thank HMIS for moving ahead andstep further to explore any possibly for students to study aboard and fostertheir perspective of worldwide citizen. This is not only a platform to promoteChinese culture, but also the international education of HMIS. Meanwhile, thankDoctor Huang, Consular Education Officer of Consulate General of the people'sRepublic of China in Munich, Doctor Shen of University of Augsburg andConsulate General of Germany in Guangzhou and others organization which haveprovided support and coordinate to make this event happen and produce thisquality culture exchange actives.




Please find more information regards thereport via www. Nordbayerischer-kurier.de



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