Preliminary meeting of establishing home-school cooperation committee
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On October 28th, 2016, GuangzhouHuamei International School(HMIS) has arranged a preliminary meeting  of establishing home-school cooperation committee.It was hosted by Mr. Chen Feng, the general principal of HMIS, and 12 parentshave attended it.

The establishment of home-schoolcooperation committee aims to communicate, cooperate, serve,together, and enhance the communication between HMIS and parents, sectors of society so as can discuss with the educationalstrategy and teaching methods, explore the talent cultivation rule, helpstudents grow healthily, immerge parents and social resource so as to servestudents, and improve the cooperation between parents and students, also throughattending the activities arranged by Huamei, to advance the cohesive of Huameicommunity and improve the participation parents and social force , achieve thewill of shared governance.

The meeting has discussed “ Theregulation of home-school cooperation committee” and “The letter to parentsabout establish home-school cooperation committee”. The general principal has communicatedconsulted with the parents regards the suggestions and advices of students’education and school’s teaching, all the participated parents has expressedtheir view to school’s development.

 Home-schoolcooperation committee is the bridge between Huamei and parents, this meetinghas played an important role in enhancing the communications. Parents hasidentified with the ideas of Huamei’s educational management, and believed thatafter its establishment, it will make the dream come true of hand in hand together,a and create an environment of honest, friendly, lay a solid foundation of students’happiness and  health growth.

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