Message from the Kindergarten Headmaster
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Dear baby, you will step out the first pace of your life, walk into the Huamei Kindergarten—here is home where teachers will hold your hands and give you attention with care and encouragement as warm as you are with family members; here is a garden where you will enjoy the green grass and pink flowers around. When you walk in the school boulevard, a fallen leaf picked by you might be an unforgettable part of your memory; here is an academy, teachers from all over the world work together to provide you opportunities to swim in the ocean of knowledge; here is a paradise where you will like the moment when playing football with your team members, stepping into sand with bare feet to build your mini sandcastle and playing house with your friends. The door of the Huamei Kindergarten is open to you. Dear, are you ready?


Each kid isunique, smart or sensitive, artistic or naughty. The common point of them lies in the fact that they are as pure as a piece of blank paper. They observe and absorb everything around them like sponge. From our perspective, each child isa special individual with infinite potential for us to explore. Teachers in theHuamei Kindergarten are always ready to facilitate the children to grow up through providing enough space, to plant the sincere respect and true love inthe children’s mind. We believe that you will become more confident throughencouragement from teachers and peers, you will learn to be kind to people fromthe easy and friendly environment around you, you will learn to forgive othersfrom the teachers’ acceptation after you realize your mistake and you willeventually have a happy childhood through love from all the teachers in the Huamei Kindergarten.


In this beautifulplace, you will have love all around as if it is from family members. Hope youwill grow up healthily and happily as little lovely birds flying in the opensky. Best wishes to you!



Cai Lu


Kindergarten Headmaster

(South China NormalUniversity Pre-schoolEducation Receiver, Vice President of the Pre-school Education ProfessionalCommittee of the Guangdong Province PrivateEducation Association)

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