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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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On December 21st, 2016, the International Exchange Office has carefully planed a Christmas party for our international teachers of Huamei International School (HMIS). As it was Dongzhi on that day, we supposed to stay together with our own family to have dinner together, but we choose to celebrate Christmas with them is because we treat all the teachers of Huamei like a member of our family, we are all from Huamei family.

Our international teachers have made and been making contributions to Huamei and students which is under the tendency of second reform. Principal of HMIS and leaders from different divisions have showed their grateful and thankful to what they have done to Huamei which helps the school and students gain lots of improvements in the field of English teaching and various activates. HMIS will also improve the working and living conditions so as to make the school move further and be more internationalism.

Followed with general principal, Mr. Chen’s opening speech, together with background music of Christmas and the decoration of the restaurant, make the scenes like a native Christmas party. All of the faculties enjoyed the food and spending the time together, especially that we have immersed the native American Christmas games “White Elephant” and “Points around” in the party, and make it more fun and enjoyable. We all hope the time freeze at that  moment. Time slips away from fingers, in the end, we all wish each other Merry Christmas and Happy Near Year.

Greetings from Principal Mr. Chen

Kindergarten Teachers

Primary School Teachers

Middle School Teachers


Gift Time

Greetings from School Principals

We enjoy our Christmas Party

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