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    Scholarship Policy for Admitting Huamei School Students
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    Each school year, Huamei School holds scholarship assessmentto attract advanced students to study in Huamei school. The detailed awardranks, student number, amount and timetable for the scholarship granting andthe application procedures can be found in the school recruitment office. Beloware the general principles:


    1)For the International students (not including students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) couldfollow the scholarship policy of other Chinese students after being admittedinto the school. The students will be awarded the scholarship based on theirChinese language foundation, native language, their Chinese language studyinglength and their HSK results . Every year in April, June and December, theschool students could join the HSK tests held by Collegeof Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan Universityto assess their Chinese ability.


    2) For the Chinese students,the school will award the scholarship to them based on their scholarship testresults and /or their high school admission test, their English ability, and/orany other awards they have got. The detailed information can be found in theschool’s recruitment office.


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