Energetic Sports and Health Festival, Harmonious Family-School Relationship
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---Remembering the Opening Ceremony of the19th Sport & Health Festival and the 23rd Huamei Sports Games


With the coolautumn breeze blowing, we ‘Huamei International School’gathered joyfully to have the opening ceremony of our 19th Sport& Health Festival as well as our 23rd Huamei Track Meet onOctober 25th at 4pm. Our schools general principal Mr. Chen Feng, TheSenior Director Ms. Xiong Jia , and some representatives from differentgovernment offices who also attended the ceremony.


The ceremony washosted by the vice principal Mr. He Binghua and HBIC student Wei Jiahuan. Inthe beginning, we invited the school supervisor Ms. Xiong Jia to announce thecommencement of the Sports and Health Festival ceremony. Afterwards, GeneralPrincipal Mr. Chen Feng gave his opening ceremony speech. He said: “ life lies inthe movement. Healthy bodies and minds are very important to help you gain a healthylifestyle and benefit your studies. Exercising can help build up a healthybody, make you become energetic and feel a sense of happiness. Exercise canhelp build up perseverance, make you become a stable, brave and fearlessperson. Lastly exercise can help you adapt to the ever changing world, andcreate a better future. A Strong body, a positive mind is what our Huamei educationgoal is. In these past 23 years, integrated development is always one of oureducation missions, so we have paid much more attention to improve our physicaleducation quality, organizing more sports activities. We can now see theexcellent within our school environment. Our students have become much morehealthy and energetic. It is a new school year with new hope. We have newobjectives for the school Sports & Health Festival, which is an importantstep to carry the quality-oriented education forward to spread the sportinghealth concept, but at the same time, it can also provide a platform forstudents to strengthen their physical exercise in which they can also show theirsporting talents through the School Sports Games, in which we could reach thelifelong exercise goal “I like exercise, I am happy, I have become healthy andI can benefit from it” Thus, it can also help students’ study, and build up abetter healthy and dynamic school environment.

Dear teachers and students, we hope youall love sports, can do more exercises, to gain a happy life and build up astrong body and to improve the quality of our lives. Let us do ittogether. . In Huamei, I want to be much more beautiful and healthy and in Huamei,I can make myself much more beautiful and healthy with the right support andkindness from my friends and colleagues. In Huamei, together we can becomebeautiful and together we can be healthy.


With the music of Athlete march, all the representativesfrom different classes marched into the field neatly and full of energy. At thefront of the School march was the HBIC National Flag Guards, they are all inwhite suits, with unified paces, carrying the national flag and HBIC flag,marching into the field track in high spirit. Followed by teachers’ andstudents’ from different divisions. All of them in their own styles and showingtheir own characteristics. The Kindergarten kids were all dressed up in Olympicgames style, primary school teams were all in class Reading topic costumes, andmiddle school teams are made of different colored t-shirts representing theirclass ideas. While HBIC teams showed their department program characters. Not matterwho are the teachers or who are the students; they have all shown their owncharacters to us, which shows the energy here at Huamei, positivity, creativityand the change of Huamei.


In the opening ceremony, we had twospecial teams join us. They were the parents’ team from middle school and fromthe kindergarten. The middle school parents’ team held a banner which said, “Weare the Die-Hard Fans of Huamei Middle School”, which shows we made aharmonious and cooperative relationship with each other. The other parents teamwas from the kindergarten, they were all in red colored T-shirts. They arealways the most active group to join in these kinds of school activities. Inthe past 23 years, the development of Huamei school can not develop without theparents’ support. And the kids’ educational and life growth could not happen withoutthe school and parents’ communication and cooperation. Since we care about therelationship with the parents we have built up a good family-school interaction,now we can cultivate the excellent students, and pursue Huamei education goal,and help students become modern elites in the future.


After all the teachers and students finishedmarching into the field, 2 students from middle school represented the players.Two teachers from primary school represented the referees to take an oath forthe school sports games. After that, the kindergarten kids honored us with a wonderfulChinese Wushu show. While the primary school grade 4 students showed us abrilliant Taekwondo show. Their energetic performances were so amazing andattractive. In the end of the ceremony, it is a traditional where there is a competitionamongst the school staffs, which was the cross tug-of-war competition. All thestudents were cheering for their teachers, different department colleaguesworked together well. We can see an aggressive and cooperative picture fromthem. After the competition had finished middle school were awarded with the firstprize of the tug-of-war.


The school sports games was not only animportant sport event to implement the quality-oriented education and improvedstudents’ physical quality, but an important parade opportunity to check theschools physical education and activities implementation result. And at thesame time, it is a connection and communication opportunity to improve therelationship between the school and the parents.

the vice principal Mr. He Binghua and HBIC student Wei Jiahuan are the host

General Principal Mr.Chen Feng gave his opening ceremony speech

HBICNational Flag Guards

International Class students

drgaon dance by the international class students

middle school parents' group

middle school teachers' group

middle school students' group

primary school teachers' group

primary school students' group

kindergarten parents' group

kindergarten teachers' group

kindergarten kids' group

teachers' team from HBIC

students' team from HBIC

two students representatives take an oath for the school sports games

two teachers referees  take an oath for the school sports games

ChineseWushu show from kindergarten kids

Taekwondo show from primary school Grade 4 students

the cross tug-of-war competition amongst 4 divisions staffs

middle school won the first prize of the tug-of-war


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