Celebrating the 32nd Teachers’ Day Wishing for a Brighter Future
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---Remembering the 2016-2017 School Year Opening Ceremony and the 32nd Teachers’ Day Ceremony


The 32nd Teachers’ Day Award Ceremony and 2016-2017 School Year Opening Ceremony was held on September 8th at the school gymnasium. Huamei Group President Mr. Zhang Keqiang, Huamei school principal Mr. Chen Feng, Huamei School Supervisor Ms. Xiong Jia, Huamei School Director Mr. Liu Sha and the relevant leaders from different school divisions have attended the ceremony.


In the beginning of the ceremony, Huamei Group President Mr. Zhang expressed his sincere thankfulness and blessings to all the teachers, and gave an expression to his blue map of Huamei school development. After that, Huamei school Principal Mr. Chen Feng made a conclusion of last school year’s work performance, and explicitly set a school development goal, and hope all the Huamei people could work together with one heart. In the summary of last school year, we have made some achievements in 9 aspects and areas, especially we have made small progresses to support school’s second revolution and reform . Such as multiple cooperation programs with different higher education institutions, credit recognized program between two schools with the Cornell University and the University of British Columbia, emphasized the school safety management, made a development plan for the coming years, improve campus facilities and environment, primary school and kindergarten have made big progress in last year, etc.


In the meantime, Our international teacher representative, Mr. Jonathan Lake, who is working as a PE specialist at primary school, he gave a wonderful and cheerful speech to all the old and new employers, he shared his teaching experiences among us and showed his thankfulness to Huamei school, in which he has grown up with Huamei school and his students together, and also Huamei school not only helped him become a better teacher, but also gave him a memorable time.


In the ceremony, the Gold Price Employers, Advanced Teachers, Excellent Educators and Advanced Groups were all awarded by the school administrators on the stage. In order to celebrate the 32nd Teachers’ Day, some teachers and students from different divisions performed wonderful shows and offered blessings to all the teachers at that memorable time.

Huamei Group President Mr. Zhang Keqiang


Huamei School Principal Mr. Chen Feng


International Teacher Representative Mr. Jon Lake


2015-2016 School Year Advanced International Teacher



Teachers' Performance from Kindergarten


Wonderful Performance from Primary School International Teachers

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