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Law of the People's Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens
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which  is  compiled  by  the  Bureau  of  Legislative Affairs of the State Council of  the  People's Republic ofChina, and is published by the China Legal System Publishing House. In case of discrepancy, the original version in Chinese shall prevail.

Whole Document
(Adopted at the 13th Meeting of the Standing Committee of theSixth National People's Congress, promulgated by Order No.  31 of the President of the People's Republic of China on November 22, 1985, and effective as of February 1, 1986)

ChapterI     General Provisions
Chapter II    Entry into the Country
Chapter III   Residence
Chapter IV    Travel
Chapter V     Exit from the Country
Chapter VI    Administrative Organs
Chapter VII   Penalties
Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions

Chapter I  General Provisions
Article 1

This Law is formulated with a view to safeguarding the sovereignty of  the People’s Republic of China, maintaining its security and public order  and facilitating international exchange. This Law is applicable to aliens  entering,  leaving  and  transiting  the territory of the People's Republic of China  and  to  those  residing  and travelling in China.

Article 2
Aliens must obtain the permission of the competent authorities of the Chinese Government in order to enter, transit or reside in China.

Article 3
For entry, exit and transit, aliens must pass through ports open to aliens orother designated ports and must be subject to inspection by the frontier inspection offices.  For entry, exitand  transit,  foreign-owned means of transport must  pass  through  ports  open  to  aliens  or  other designated ports and must be subject to inspection and supervision by  the frontier inspection offices.

Article 4
The Chinese Government shall protect the lawful rights and interests of aliens on Chinese territory. Freedom of the person of aliens is inviolable. No alien may be arrested except with the approval or by decision  of a people's procuratorate or by decision of a people's court, and arrest must be made by a public security organ or state security organ.

Article 5
Aliens in China must abide by Chinese laws and may not endanger the state security of China, harm public interests or disrupt public order.
 Chapter II Entry into the Country
Article 6

For entry into China,aliens shall apply for visas from Chinese diplomatic missions, consular offices or other resident agencies abroad authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In specific situations aliens may, in compliance with the provisions of the State Council, apply for visas to visa-granting offices at ports designated by the competent authorities of the Chinese Government. The entry of nationals from countries having visa agreements with the Chinese Government shall be handled in accordance with those agreements. Incases where another country has special provisions for Chinese citizens enteringand transiting that country, the competent authorities of the ChineseGovernment may adopt reciprocal measures contingent on the circumstances. Visa are notrequired  for  aliens  in  immediate  transit  on  connectedinternational flights who hold passenger tickets and stay for no more than 24hours in China entirely within airport boundaries. Anyone desiring toleave the airport temporarily must obtain permission from the frontierinspection office.

Article 7
When applying for various kinds of visas, aliens shall present valid passports and, if necessary, provide pertinent evidence.

Article 8
Aliens who have been invited or hired to work in China shall, whenapplying for visas, produce evidence of the invitation or employment.

Article 9
Aliens desiring to reside permanently in Chinashall, when applying for visas, present status-of-residence identification forms.  Applicants mayobtain such forms from public security organs at the place where they intend to reside.

Article 10
The competent authorities ofthe Chinese Government shall issue appropriate visas to aliens according to the purposes stated in their entry applications.

Article 11
When an aircraft or a vessel navigating international routes arrives at a Chineseport, the captain or his agent must submit a passenger name list tothe frontier inspection office; a foreign aircraft or vessel must alsoprovide a name list of its crew members.
Article 12
Aliens who are considered a possible threat to China'sstate security and public order shall not be permitted to enter China.

Chapter III Residence

Article 13
For residence in China, aliens must possess identification papers orresidence certificates issued by the competent authorizes of the Chinesecertificates shall be determined according to the purposes of entry. Aliensresiding in China shall submit  their  certificates  to  the  localpublic security organs for examinationwithin  the  prescribed  period  oftime.

Article 14
Aliens who,  in  compliance  with  Chinese  laws,  find  it  necessary  to establish prolonged residence in China for the  purpose  of  investing  in China or engaging in cooperative china or engaging in cooperative projects with Chinese enterprises or institutions in the economic, scientific, technological and cultural fields, or for other purposes, are eligible for prolonged orpermanent residence in China upon approval  by  the  competent  authorities  of  the Chinese Government.

Article 15
Aliens who seek asylum for political reasons shall be permitted to reside in Chinaupon approval by the competent authorities of the Chinese Government.

Article 16
Aliens who fail to abide by Chinese laws may have their period of stay in China curtailed or their status ofresidence in China annulled by thecompetent authorities of the Chinese Government.

Article 17
For a temporary overnight stay in China, aliens shall completeregistration procedures to the relevant provisions.

Article 18
Aliens holding residence certificates who wish tochange their place of residence in Chinamust complete removal formalities pursuant to therelevant provisions.

Article 19
Aliens who have not acquired residence certificates or who are on a studyprogramme in China may notseek employment in Chinawithout permission of the competent authorities of the Chinese Government.

Chapter IV Travel

Article 20
Aliens who hold valid visas or residence certificates may travel to places opento aliens as designated by the Chinese Government.

Article 21
Aliens desiring to travel to places closed to aliens must apply to localpublic security organs for travel permits.
Chapter V Exit from the Country

Article 22
For exit from China,aliens shall present their valid passports or other validcertificates.

Article 23
Aliens belonging to any of the following categories shallnot  be  allowed to leave China:
(1) defendants in criminalcases  or  criminal  suspects  confirmed  by  apublic security organ, a people's procuratorate or a people's court;
(2) persons who, as notified by a people'scourt,  shall  be  denied  exit owingto involvement in unresolved civil cases;
(3) persons who have committed other acts in violation of Chineselaw  who have not beendealt  with  and  against  whom  the  competent  authoritiesconsider it necessary to institute prosecution.

Article 24
Frontier inspection offices shall have the power to stopaliens  belonging to any of the following categories from leaving thecountry  and  to  deal with them according tolaw:
(1) holders of invalid exit certificates;
(2) holders of exit certificates other than their own; and
(3) holders of forged or altered exit certificates.
Chapter VI Administrative Organs

Article 25
China's diplomatic missions, consular offices and otherresident  agencies abroad authorized by the Ministry of ForeignAffairs shall be the  Chinese Government's agencies abroad to handlealiens' applications for entry  and transit. The Ministry of PublicSecurity, its authorized local public security organs,the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its authorized local foreignaffairs departments shall be the Chinese Government's agencies in China to handlealiens' applications for entry, transit, residence and travel.

Article 26
The authorities handling aliens' applications for  entry,   transit, residence and travel shall have the power torefuse to issue visas and certificates or to cancel visasand certificates already issued or declare them invalid. The Ministry of PublicSecurity and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may, when necessary,alter decisions made by their respectively authorizedagencies.

Article 27
An alien who enters or resides in China illegally may be detained forexamination or be subjected to residential surveillance or deportation bya public security organ at or above the county level.

Article 28
While performing their  duties,  foreign  affairs  police  of  the  publicsecurity organs at or above the county  level  shall  have  the  power  to examine the passports and other certificates of aliens. When conducting such examinations, the foreign affairs police shall produce their own service certificates, and relevant organizations or individuals shall have the duty to offer them assistance.
Chapter VII Penalties

Article 29
If a person, in violation of the provisions of this Law, entersor  leaves China illegally, establishes illegal residence or makes anillegal stopover in China, travels to placesclosed  to  aliens  without  a  validtravel document, forges oralters  an  entry  or  exit  certificate,  usesanother person's certificate as his own or transfershis  certificate,  he may be penalized by a public securityorgan at or above the country level with a warning, a fine or detention for notmore than  ten  days.  If the circumstancesof the case are serious enough to constitute a crime,criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law. If analien subject to a fine ordetention  by  a  public  security  organrefuses to acceptthe  penalty,  he  may,  within  15  days  of  receivingnotification, appeal to the public security organ at the next higher level,which shall make the final decision; he may also directly file suit in thelocal people's court.

Article 30
In cases where a personcommits any of the acts stated in Article 29 of this law, if thecircumstances are serious, the Ministry of Public Security may impose a penaltyby ordering him to leave the country within a certain time or may expelhim from the country.
Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions

Article 31
For the purposes of this Law the term "alien" means any person notholding Chinese nationality accordingto  the  Nationality  Law  of  the  People'sRepublic of China.

Article 32
Transitory entry into and exit from China by aliens who arenationals  of a country adjacent to China and who residein  areas  bordering  on  China shallbe handled according to any relevant agreements between the two countries or,in the absence of such agreements, according to the relevant provisions of theChinese Government.

Article 33
The Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall, pursuantto this Law, formulate rules for its implementation, which shall go intoeffect after being submitted to and approved by the State Council.

Article 34
Affairs concerning members offoreign  diplomatic  missions  and  consularoffices in the People's Republic of  China  and  other  aliens  who  enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities, after their entry into China,  shall be administered in accordance with the relevant provisions  of  the  State
Council and its competent departments.

Article 35
This Law shall go into effect on February 1, 1986.

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