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How to make International calls/ national calls/ local calls.
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Making local calls

Formaking calls from the school phone in your apartment, please kindly first press9 + local numbers

Making national Calls

Press 9 first + Area Code +Number

For instance, if you want todial Shenzhen number 0755-22847168 (the number 0755 is the area code), you haveto dial 9 first and then plus the 0755-22847168.


Making International Calls

It is suggested to subscribeinternational call services at telecom companies or buy an IP phone card otherthan directly making such calls at one's private phone. When making aninternational call, please dial the international prefix number +country code+area code + recipient's phone number without pause in-between.

For instance, when making a call to Oxford, UK,please dial:








International Prefix Code


Country Code


Area Code


Recipient’s phone number

 Specifically, dial “00441865××××××” without pause.

When making a call to a phonenumber in Hong Kong, one shall dial:






International Prefix Code


Area Code


Recipient’s phone number

 Specifically, dial “00852××××××××” without pause.


International Calls usually made of more than 10 numbers:

International PrefixCode+Country Code+Area Code+Recipient’s phone number

 Here are some countries’ codes:

 China:86                  America: 1                 Canada: 1                       

 Britain:44                 Germany: 49                Australia: 61 

New Zealand: 64            Thailand: 66                Japan: 81                  

Korea:82                  HongKong: 852             Macau:853               

Forany inquiry in case of emergency, please call:

Policehotline (fire and robbery):  110           First aid: 120

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