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Introduction to Guangzhou
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Locatedin what is known as the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhouis the capital city of Guangdongprovince. Historically, both the province and the city were referred to as “Canton” by the Westernworld. Guangzhou is, by and large, a bustling,modern Asian city which is experiencing rapid growth as a commercial andfinancial center for southern China.The population of Guangzhouand its outlying areas is around12 million. Guangzhou’s climate is subtropical. There arefour distinct seasons, with some outlasting others. Fall and spring generallyoffer very pleasant temperatures. Winter temperatures can fall to around 50°F (10°C) in the winter months of December, January and February.Summer is hot and humid with temperatures around 90-100°F (32-37°C),with a humidity of up to90%. Summer temperatures generally last from May toOctober, with more rain falling in the months of May and June. Guangzhoulies on approximately the same latitude as Havana,Cuba and Calcutta, India.Its longitude is approximately in line with Bali, Indonesia.

There aremany parks and open green spaces throughout the city. Chinese city dwellers loveto spend time in the parks playing games, walking and picnicking. The sky oftenappears hazy and people tend to assume that this haze is caused by air pollution.In fact, the haze is sometimes due to a high degree of humidity in the air.

Thetime zone for Guangzhouis GMT +8.

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